Are You Wondering: “What is a Mind Movie?”

I’m sure you have heard of them, most likely through the book or movie “The Secret” where they relate to the law of attraction.  I have created my own mind movie and had success with attracting what I wanted.

So I wanted to go through in more detail of a mind movie, so others could use it to get what they want too.

What is a Mind Movie?

A mind movie will include pictures, music and affirmations of what you want in life or what you want to attract.  It’s like a vision board, but as a short movie. If it’s just personal to you, then any pictures off the internet and any song you like will work well.  If you want to share it online though, you will need to be careful of copyright laws around the pictures and music.

This means that if you want to post or share it online, you will need to use your own pictures and music.  Another option could be to purchase royalty free pictures and music or get permission from the original owners of those pictures and music.

Why I Created a Mind Movie

I decided to create a “Mind Movie” to help attract the love of my life.  This is my Love Mind Movie below, where it incorporated the Law of Attraction to help attract my True Love.  This was fun to build and helps to put feel the feeling of already having this that you want.

This started by researching photos that would make me feel good and loved by a partner.  To me, affection was important, so a lot of them show him being affectionate.  I also love to have fun and laugh a lot, so needed to make sure there were a lot of photos of couples laughing together.

Then you think of other things you want to attract to put into the mind movie.  I also love learning from spiritual leaders, so it was important that he would be open to that too and want to work on personal development.  Then you think of and add some affirmations that align with what you want. Make sure you put them in the present tense like they’re already happening or have already happened.

When you put it all together, it should make you feel really good, happy and loved.

I’m so blessed that mine came true.

My Own Love Mind Movie

If you’re just starting out, you might want to start with downloading the free mind movies that they have already created by going HERE

Then you can create more mind movies in line with other things you want in your life.  Have fun with it 🙂