Are You Wondering: “What is a Mind Movie?”

I’m sure you have heard of them, most likely through the book or movie “The Secret” where they relate to the law of attraction.  I have created my own mind movie and had success with attracting what I wanted.

So I wanted to go through in more detail of a mind movie, so others could use it to get what they want too.

What is a Mind Movie?

A mind movie will include pictures, music and affirmations of what you want in life or what you want to attract.  It’s like a vision board, but as a short movie. If it’s just personal to you, then any pictures off the internet and any song you like will work well.  If you want to share it online though, you will need to be careful of copyright laws around the pictures and music.

This means that if you want to post or share it online, you will need to use your own pictures and music.  Another option could be to purchase royalty free pictures and music or get permission from the original owners of those pictures and music.

Why I Created a Mind Movie

I decided to create a “Mind Movie” to help attract the love of my life.  This is my Love Mind Movie below, where it incorporated the Law of Attraction to help attract my True Love.  This was fun to build and helps to put feel the feeling of already having this that you want.

This started by researching photos that would make me feel good and loved by a partner.  To me, affection was important, so a lot of them show him being affectionate.  I also love to have fun and laugh a lot, so needed to make sure there were a lot of photos of couples laughing together.

Then you think of other things you want to attract to put into the mind movie.  I also love learning from spiritual leaders, so it was important that he would be open to that too and want to work on personal development.  Then you think of and add some affirmations that align with what you want. Make sure you put them in the present tense like they’re already happening or have already happened.

When you put it all together, it should make you feel really good, happy and loved.

I’m so blessed that mine came true.

My Own Love Mind Movie

If you’re just starting out, you might want to start with downloading the free mind movies that they have already created by going HERE

Then you can create more mind movies in line with other things you want in your life.  Have fun with it 🙂

To Attract Your True Love, You Need to Love Yourself

What Does That Mean Exactly?

So many coaches, books, audios, webinars & seminars on finding the love of your life, explain the importance of loving yourself, but how do you love yourself more?

Loving yourself coincides with being yourself, because when you love who you are, then you’re happy to be yourself no matter whom you are with.  So it’s about learning to honour yourself in all aspects your life and especially while dating on your path to finding your True Love.

Being yourself also involves tuning into your true inner self and is a process of a combination of things.  The main part of the process is the journey of life you are going through before you meet your True Love. 

Loving yourself involves being happy with where you are and what you are doing at the moment.  You need to find that inner peace that everything is good no matter what happens.  You need to appreciate everything in your life and see the good in it, even if it’s hard.

Loving yourself & being true to yourself also involves being honest with yourself and speaking up when you know something isn’t right.  Saying “no” when you mean no and having the confidence to say “yes” as well when you want something.  This means letting go of whether you think you will hurt someone else’s feelings, because you are honouring yourself and loving yourself when you say something that is true for you.  As long as speaking your truth is also respectful to others around you as well.

An example of this could include, saying “no” when a guy on a date wants to kiss you and you’d rather wait until he calls you his girlfriend before you get intimate.  You may not want to hurt his feelings, so it takes courage to say no.  No matter what his reaction will be, you’ll know that if he’s a good man looking for “True Love” too, that he won’t mind waiting and making sure you’re right for him too before you get intimate.

Same with the guys, as an example for them could be having the courage to say “no” when she invites you in, as you know you need to take it slow too in the beginning to make sure that she is the girl you have been looking for, without getting caught up with “looks only” if she’s really attractive.

So loving yourself means that you are happy and fulfilled on your own before you meet your True Love.  That will mean you won’t get upset when a guy doesn’t call you back, as you’ll know that he wasn’t the right guy for you and that someone better is coming along.  So that when they come along, you don’t require love from them to feel loved.  As love is a feeling already within yourself and you can already look yourself in the mirror and say “I Love You” before someone else looks at you and says that.

You also show love for yourself when you no longer make negative jokes about yourself or think negative thoughts about yourself.  This could include jokes about how unattractive you are, or saying how dumb you are.  Because you will respect yourself to know that you are attractive just as you were created and you are smart in ways that may be different to others, but you appreciate that and don’t need to put yourself down to make others feel better.

You will no longer rely on someone else to make you happy and you make time everyday to do things that you really enjoy.  You can support others as well as be able to open up to let others support you.  You will know why you do what you do everyday and will feel fulfilled or will just enjoy making time to do what makes you most happy.

Loving yourself is a full time job, as we have thousands of thoughts in our mind everyday and we can determine what these thoughts are and how they affect us.  So if you do have many negative thoughts about yourself, you can change that now and turn it around to more positive thoughts.  Start to see how brilliant you really are and appreciate that you’re special and unique.  You shouldn’t want to be like anyone else, as your “True Love” will appreciate how special and unique you are too when they met you.  Being unique will be like a breath of fresh air for them.

I thought I was too high maintenance for any guy to put up with, but I learned to fall in love with my so-called “fussiness” and finally met someone who also loves that about me.  For those who know me, I am very fussy.  I prefer gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, organic etc.  Now when I go out with my husband to cafes he asks the waiter before I do if they have any foods, which include the above.  I feel like he knows more about me more than what I know about myself. Your true love will love and respect you for being different, so have the confidence to speak up, say what you want or what you prefer and he will admire you for it. To learn more about my journey, you can go here to “About Lauren“.

So now you have some tips for loving yourself, they won’t help much unless you put them into action.  So start now by saying some nice thoughts to yourself in your head.  If you need more assistance to catch these negative thoughts to turn them into positives, write some affirmations around the house & in your car to help you remember how brilliant you are. 

We all prefer to be around happy, positive people who love their life, so be the person you want to attract into your life too. Where you’re being different, will be like a breath of fresh air to attract the right partner or true love.

Can you have love AND success?

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