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Hi, my name is Lauren and welcome to my website. This is where I share my experiences and what I’ve learned over the years about being the best I could be in each area of my life. Everyone’s journey is different, but there’s still guidance people may need as you don’t know what you don’t know.  Listening to your body and intuition along the way is very powerful.  Only you know what’s best for you and the universe helps you along the way too with red and green flags that you need to pay attention to.


With relationships, I have been studying successful relationships, soulmate couples and how to attract the love of your life since 2007.  It all started with an ex boyfriend who didn’t love me. From there, I became desperate to learn and understand what I could do to make him fall in love with me. So from 2007 to 2011 I researched and studied all information on finding and keeping a partner. I was determined to know if I could find my soulmate/true love/life partner after I couldn’t get this guy I was crazy about, fall in love with me.

I then went on to hear about soulmate couples who were happy and successful in their relationship, so I wanted to find a way to get that too. Further knowledge was collated through books, audios, webinars, videos, newsletters and articles, networking with other relationship experts and reading books on attracting love using the law of attraction. I still continue to read about relationships and success marriage even now.

This journey changed my whole life as I began to learn so much more about who I was, what I wanted and how life works to incorporate that with romantic relationships. So I learned the importance of self-confidence and how to love and respect myself first. From there, you can attract other people into your life who you can see, that they love and respect themselves too. This than shows they’re able to love and respect others and are more ready for a committed relationship.

After I put into action everything I learned and studied, I attracted a guy who is so perfect for me. So I finally attracted my own true love and now enjoy writing about, showing and teaching others how to do the same. This is from my own experiences though, so may not work for everyone. But their are similar steps, actions, habits and things you learn, that I’ve noticed are similar with other successful and happy couples. This has led me to create a mission to help other singles who are open and ready, to also be able to attract a partner who is perfect for them.


Being the best you can be covers all areas of your life.  This means that with your health, you know you want to give your body the best nutrients and exercise so it can perform at optimal levels, which will make you happier and more attractive to your true love.  You can change any area as soon as you change your thoughts, your habits and your actions.

With relationships, it breaks my heart when I see and hear women talking about how a guy treated them or how they just can’t find the right guy to commit to them. I know this as I was the same many years ago. I had trouble finding a guy to commit to me and want to spend time with me, but rather than blame the guys, I decided to look within.

This is where it’s important to educate especially women, on the importance of self-confidence, self-respect and learning to fall in love with themselves and their own journey first. I want to help you to look within and find your inner power, your gifts and how you contribute to the world to make a difference. We are all made of energy and like attracts like. So if it’s not currently working with your relationships or you feel off in general, than you need to change your thoughts, actions and emotions to match what you want to attract. I want to help people become more aware so they can change themselves.


This website was created to show an easier way to having your own successful and happy life without going through the years of heartache that I went through. I will only share and recommend products and services from people I know and what I have used along the way that made a positive difference to my life.

It all comes down to creating new habits, after you’re aware of your current habits, emotions and reactions. So this is where I hope I can share what I learned to deal with my emotions, especially when not feeling wanted by someone when they wouldn’t contact me. That alone usually makes you feel unattractive, unloved and unimportant. This will bring up lots of emotions of blame, regret and feeling unworthy which can then cause actions and reactions that we might later regret.

So if you can learn to step into your own power and control your emotions and actions, by controlling your thoughts.  Then you’ll learn to realise that everything happens for a reason to teach you something, or to teach someone else something. The universe is always trying to help guide you, it’s just we don’t always see it.

When you than learn to love and respect yourself more and more every day and see the positives in yourself and your life, you than attract more of that including the right partner who will see those positives too. Looking forward to seeing more empowered people love their life, do more of what brings them joy and attract loving partners who will feel the same.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Lauren Westerberg (McEachran)


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  1. Nick Meyer says:

    Hi Lauren,

    My name is Nick Meyer and I am the founder of the website AltHealthWorks.com.

    I have over 200K Facebook fans currently.

    I was wondering if you would like to be interviewed for my website via Zoom for about 45 minutes.

    To talk about true love and some of the aspects people should look for and also to include a pitch at the end or link to your coaching services.

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