How To Get A Guy To Like You

Have you got a guy on your mind that you would like a relationship with?

Have you been wondering how to get a guy to like you?

Have you been trying to flirt with him, talking to him and giving him looks, but you’re still not sure if he likes you?

Well, from all the dating tips I’ve learned over the years, there are some things you can do which can contribute to getting a guy to like you. Make sure though before you get the guy to like you, that he would be the right guy for you.

Being the right guy for you means that you share some similar interests and have similar values with how you want to live. I learned the hard way when there was a guy I was crazy about, he wasn’t healthy at all and I needed to be healthy due to many health issues. So it was hard to be with someone who didn’t care what they ate or drank, but I had to watch what I would consume, as it would affect my gut.  This can then become an issue down the track when cooking meals etc.  Some having some things in common is important, which is why I’ve listed some tips below.

Be Your Best Self – Show Him You Have An Awesome Life

The most important tip for how to get a guy to like you, is to show him what an awesome life you already have and how happy you are on you own. Men love to make women happy, and this shows him that you’re an easy person to make happy as you’re already happy with your own life whether he’s there or not. For him to see you happy doing things you really enjoy and having something to talk to him about that excites you and makes you happy, is also such an attractive trait for a man to see in a woman.

So make sure you know yourself first. The better you know yourself, the easier it will be for you to know what makes you happy. As the guy can’t be around you all the time anyway, so making yourself happy should be your number one priority. This will include following your hobbies, interests and passions where you’re doing something you really enjoy. From doing this, we are then illuminating that happiness from us which makes us a pleasure to be around.

He’s going to want to be around you more when he sees how happy you are in your life doing things you love. This will make him think how easy it would be to make you happy because you’re already happy. If he has similar interests, hobbies or passions, then it can be even better as you can both share what you love along the way.

Before I met my husband, I had a great job I enjoyed and was doing lots of self development to learn how to have a great relationship, be my best self, learn about healthy eating and was pursuing a dream to be self-employed. This intrigued him as he was interested in those things as well and has always been open to learn how to have better health, wealth and relationships too.

Flirt With Him

Once you are happy with your life, then you have the best chance to create a happy relationship too with a partner. This is where you can incorporate some flirting to let him know you’re interested and to see if he likes you as well. There is a happy balance though with flirting as some women can come on too strong, so remember it needs to be natura, light and easy going.

Confidence is key and the main aspect to successful flirting. So to do this, you need to know that you are worthy of getting him to like you and see yourself as a great catch.  To put yourself in this positive frame of mind, list all the things that are great about yourself that he would like too.

Smiling at him a lot can be one of the easiest ways of flirting with him to get him to like you. This will also give you signs if he likes you as well, as he’ll be happy to flirt back and would smile a lot at you too.

Another light way to flirt with him to see if he likes you is getting into a conversation with him where you’re kidding to see if you get a smile. An example of this could be saying what great weather you’re having, even when it’s thunderstorms and pouring rain. Make sure you say it with a smirk on your face so he knows you’re kidding too.  Never say anything negative about him though, even if you are kidding, as he could still take offense to it.

Play Hard To Get

Another way of how to get a guy to like you, is playing hard to get. An example of this is where men love a challenge and will work hard for something of value, but if it’s too easy to get, then they don’t value it as much. Men will generally say that they don’t want a woman to play games, yet they do love to chase the girl whose not easy to get.

This even happened to me when I wasn’t planning it consciously. I went out on a few dates with a guy, but didn’t want to sleep with him as I had a bit of a fear around trusting a guy too soon. He told me about this woman who threw herself at him and they had sex straight away and then he said he would lose interest. Whereas he couldn’t stop thinking about me and wanted to spend more time with me, even though we weren’t getting intimate yet.  He said it was driving him crazy as he did want to get really close to me, but I was determined to take it slow.

Part of playing hard to get means never offering your number to a guy, as he’ll need to win your approval and will want your number without you offering. A guy who is truly interested in you will never give you his number, as he’s not sure you’ll call (and you shouldn’t).  Part of getting a guy to like you is also allowing him to pursue you.

Listen To Him

Something that most women don’t often think about, is how much we actively and attentively listen to what a man is saying when we are out with them. If you’re a bit infatuated with a guy, then generally you just keep looking at how attractive and good-looking he is. So if you are really interested in what he says when he’s talking and ask questions back relating more to what he says, then he’ll feel important and heard.

We all want to be loved for who we are on the inside, as looks can change as you grow older, so really listening well to him when he speaks is really an important way to get a guy to like you more. Chemistry is important, but I did hear once that if chemistry is a 10/10, run the other way and that a good chemistry is a 7/10.

Things To Remember

There’s many ways you can work on how to get a guy to like you, but just remember, you need to like yourself first and know that you’re a great catch. These tips are just ways to get a guy to like you, but attraction is still in the eye of the beholder. But the best way you can still look most attractive to a guy, is to follow these tips.

So remember to be your best self and follow your interest, hobbies and passion that makes you happy. Having a happy life makes you look more attractive and have a good energy about you that will also attract a guy who will have a similar happy energy about him as well. Then when you’re meeting guys, use those flirting techniques on those guys you like to see who’s interested in you as well.

When you know he’s interested, then play some hard to get, as that will make him want you more and enjoy the chase, while respecting you for not being too easy as well. Remember the other important part where when you’re in conversation with a guy you like, you really need to listen to him attentively. Ask back questions in relation to what he has said and give him your total focus when you’re talking as this will make him feel important.

These are just some tips from what I’ve learned, read and experienced of getting a guy to like you so make sure you put them into practice and all the best for your relationship.